De Zonnebloem stands for a laundry, a dry cleaner and a laundromat. We take care of your clothes and linen and handle it with the utmost respect.
We use our best workers to return your clothes and linen, duly washed and dried without loss of quality.

Since 1948  De Zonnebloem in Zwijndrecht is specialized in the treatment of clothing, linen, bedding and all curtains. In our laundry we use state of the art machinery to swiftly wash, dry and iron your clothing and washing. 

Your clothing and linen are precious to us. That is why we use all our skills to give you an optimal service.

Our know-how and years of experience are the best guarantee that your laundry is in safe hands with us.

At Wasserij en Droogkuis De Zonnebloem you can have your clothes

washed and dried
wash them yourself and
have them ironed

If you wish we can also pick up your laundry and return it.

Take a look at our "Service" page to see what De Zonnebloem can do for you.

We are active in the following regions from Schoten, Zoersel, Zelzate, Eksaarde, Sint-Niklaas, Waasmunster, Temse to Antwerp-Centre. We have various branches, but if a branch is too for from where you live, you can always bring and collect your laundry at one of our pick-up points.

Feel free to contact us to find out what De Zonnebloem can do for you. 

Meer informatie? Bel ons 03/252.72.74