Wasserij and Droogkuis De Zonnebloem offers you the following service:


In our laundry we treat all your clothing and linen. Whether we treat your everyday clothing or working wear, we have the right people and machinery to treat your dirty laundry quickly and efficiently. Everything is done in an efficient and hygienic way, so all bacteria are killed and dirt is removed.


DIY washing

If you prefer to wash your clothing and linen yourself, you can use our washers. These can cope with large amounts and are equipped with multiple programs from which you can choose. Our excellent machines wash your laundry quickly and fresh.

While your washing is being done, you can enjoy a cup of coffee in our waiting room. De Zonnebloem also has a Laundromat at Laarstraat 2 in Zwijndrecht (near the railway station).


We possess advanced machinery to dry your clothing. These machines blow dry your laundry and warm it up without any harm. By putting the clothes on bodies or on hangers we prevent wrinckling or damaging.



After washing we iron your laundry with great care and fold it. Naturally we pack your laundry to return it to you clean and unharmed.

Collect and return

You don't have the time to bring and collect our laundry? No Problem! From Monday to Friday our delivery service picks up and returns your laundry at your home.

Please contact us to discuss the possibilities!

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